Monthly Archives: October 2016

Bilant la sase luni

Pancreatic cancer, with only days to live, they said. Blood tests are off the charts. At 18 he’s very old and he’s only gonna get worse, he’s had a good life and it’s time for him to go now. Let’s put him “to sleep”, they said.

Au trecut sase luni. La inceput parea ca se indreapta incet dar sigur catre vesnicele plaiuri ale vanatorii. Zeci de nopti nedormite, plus nenumarate vizite la doctori, plus force feeding, plus multe si felurite prafuri, pastile si siropuri. Dar tragand linie, dupa sase luni, nici o pisica in minus. Moșul meu e acum bine, considering. He’s no spring chicken. Sa va vad pe voi la 88 de ani.

Morala 1: black lives matter

Morala 2: ia-te dupa doctori si ai sansa sa strici a perfectly good cat