Monthly Archives: June 2017

Possible explanation for poor marketing

I’ve recently come across this article published on the most important website dedicated to the Australian media & marketing industry: “Australia is lacking in commercial creativity because ‘most marketers are crap’“.  Actually both my husband and I have been quite shocked with the general blandness / cringe-worthiness of TV adverts when we moved here.

In the light of my recent encounter with an organisation with a rather large number of executive leaders and managers, whilst not generalising, I reckon the insight detailed in the article can be easily extended to other industries as well. I found many employees, but especially those in management positions, not necessarily in the marketing department, to be rather “scared” of taking risks (also, sadly, not only playing it very safe at all times, but also going as far as to support controversial and even offensive actions on behalf of their ranking superiors, if it comes to that, but this might be the topic of a separate story).

This risk aversion can be a symptom of a toxic culture, where the competition for power, influence and promotions is based on subjective and hidden criteria, rather than performance. From my experience, this is most often the case in large, prosperous and well established organisations, that enjoyed a stable economic environment throughout several decades. The large organisations tend to have an inherent organic growth which can easily hide the lack of push for performance.

This lack of “prosperity heritage” can be an explanation for why Romanian commercials, as I remember them, were spunkier and more original than the ones in Australia.

Tourist in my own city

Four and a half years ago I took a life-changing journey to the faraway lands. Getting caught in the nitty gritty of the everyday life I never really had the time to get to know Sydney properly, but I’ve decided to change this – just wandering around, eyes wide open and really taking in the parks, the architecture and the charm of places outside of the hustle and bustle of the CBD.